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Lord Dunsany

Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany was an Anglo-Irish writer and dramatist. Over 90 books – fantasy novels, short stories, and plays – appeared in his lifetime, and others continue to appear. Early ones gave him a name in the 1910s as a great writer of the English-speaking world. Best known today are a 1924 fantasy novel, The King of Elfland's Daughter, and The Gods of Pegāna: tales about a fictional pantheon that laid... Read More

BornEdward John Moreton Drax Plunkett
24 July 1878
London, England
Died25 October 1957 (aged 79)
Dublin, Ireland
OccupationWriter (short story writer, playwright, novelist, poet)
NationalityIrish, British


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